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祝贺你! You’ve taken the first step toward success!

应用ing to 德 is the first step toward reaching 你的 career goals. Be assured that we’re here to assist you and keep you on track during the admission and enrollment processes.

We’re looking forward to learning more about you and 你的 goals as we review 你的 application and prepare you for 你的 arrival at 德, so expect to hear from us by phone, 邮件, 和电子邮件.

We are committed to supporting 你的 success right from the start and all the way through 你的 arrival on campus, and this site will assist you in preparing for the adventure that awaits you at 德 Aeronautical University — the leader in aviation and aerospace education.


As an applicant, you’ll gain access to 厄尼, 德’s Network for Information Exchange. This is the system you will continue to use once you become a student at 德.

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